Training program

Women in the Media: Filmmaking Training Programme


June, 2021

You will be pleased to learn that we have now finalised the actions related to our project timetable.


Please find the Platform site at


We will continue to update the site (e.g. Resources) up to the completion of the project on 31st August.


April, 2021

Development and Evaluation process finished end of April. We have reviewed the responses we have received and they are on the whole very positive.

Thank you to all kind testers for their support and usefull reminders in Evaluation process.

We counted  117 registrations to pilot test, from which 58 accessed and took the course and 18 testers completed training program evaluation and sent a feedback to project team. 

Very important is Training provider registration. In the online support platform you can find 27 training providers ready to support students.


January, 2020

Plan: 31st March 2020 – 31st May 2021


Following the Survey exercise the project Partners will develop a suite of on-line training materials and self-assessment tools specifically designed to help women understand the diverse nature of the cultural sector, what skills and jobs are needed and through digital training equip the woman with a selection of those skills.


The Film Making Programme should be split into a series of 6 modules that includes text, videos, pictures etc. The Modules should be based around the following 6 themes:

    1. Women in the media (understanding the issues)
    2. Visual Storytelling
    3. Screen writing
    4. Digital cinematography
    5. Editing
    6. Directing

To accompany the training programme a GUIDE FOR TEACHERS will be produced based around how to teach the course in a blended format – using the on-line training programme combined with face-to-face classroom teaching – a BLENDED LEARNING APPROACH

A TRAINING PATHWAY will be described in the Guide and will set out a four stage approach that teachers should adhere to when teaching the programme - This Pathway approach forms the basis of the written GUIDE.

    • STAGE ONE: The first part of the training spent in the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of visual storytelling, screenwriting, digital cinematography, editing and directing.
    • STAGE TWO: The second stage of the training will take the participants out of the classroom and into a practical setting, where they will have the chance to take responsibility for leading each other and managing a film shoot.
    • STAGE THREE: At the third stage, students will edit their films and receive a DVD of their work. This will be interspersed with shadowing and ‘live’ opportunities to engage within the work place environment of operational TV and media businesses.
    • STAGE FOUR: Students should also be given instruction in a range of transferrable skills such as project management, raising finance, marketing, budgeting, interviewing, evaluation, ICT and digital skills and the use of social media.

A total of 120 women – drawn from media organisations and training institutions will be asked to evaluate the training programme and the Guide.

NOTE: All the project outputs e.g. training modules, self-assessment tools, Guide for Teachers etc. will all be contained in an on-line support Platform that will developed between 31st July 2020 and 31st May 2021.