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They support us

The consultant for BPWCR is an important Czech woman-screenwriter and director, an independent filmmaker


which shoots mainly for Czech Television and private producers and is a maker of award-winning documentaries, a new TV format, she has experience in feature directing, corporate films, reporting and journalism, and shooting abroad.

One of the most important documentaries is Cuba incognito , which Zora filmed despite a strict ban on filming in Cuba. The film won first place at the Tourfilm 2005 International Film Festival in the documentary film category.


Zora is the author of the original TV format " Holiday in the Protectorate ", which as the only Czech television format so far won a prestigious award at the Eurovision Creative Forum for the best TV format in Europe 2015 . 


In the autumn of 2018, the CT1 television station broadcast the second series of this format in prime time, entitled " Holidays in the Steam Age "

web: KMB International Films 


Film festivals

Eurovision Creative Forum Berlin 2015, 2nd place for the best European format for "Holidays in the Protectorate"

Academia Film Olomouc AFO, 2018, ... and man created a robot (competiton)

ArtFilm Telč International Film Festival 2014, 2nd place in the Art and Culture category for the Mystery of Code XIV A 13

Tourfilm International Film Festival 2005, 1st place in the documentary film category / Cuba incognito /

Tourfilm International Film Festival 2008, Jury Prize / Cymru am Byth - Long Live Wales /

ArtFilm Telč International Film Festival 2011, 3rd place per film / The Tap Tap /

International Film Festival Academia film Olomouc 2004 + International Film Festival Ekofilm 2004 /Romans for Humny! /

Tourfilm International Film Festival 2004 / Second Life /

Techfilm International Film Festival 2005 / Stories of Inventions /

International Film Festival Academia film Olomouc 2006 / I was at the funeral of Lenin and Cuba incognito /
International Film Festival Finale Pilsen 2006 +
Academia film Olomouc 2007 Hunt for St. Maura /

16th exhibition of Czech and Slovak documentary and animated works FITES 2008 + NADOTEK Film Festival 2009 Dear Leonid Ilyichi /

International Film Festival Sportfilm Liberec 2009 / Skimania or Report on Liberec 2009 /

and more...


Documentary films for Czech Television:

Egypt and Egyptologists / 112 min / - the most watched documentary on ČT 2 in 2001, untraditionally dealing with the work of Czech scientists on the research of pyramids in Egypt

Transformations of Czech Crime / 57 min / - the most watched documentary within the Evenings on the Theme… in 2002, about the transformation of crime after 1989 in all its complexity and brutality

Moravští Lucemburkové / 28 min / - a documentary about the unknown history of Moravia, was selected as a representative documentary of the South Moravian Region for foreign countries / 2002 /


As part of the series on the most famous criminal cases of the past Thrown Crimes / 2002 / films:

Case for psychiatrists / 25 min / (Goldfinch)

Otloukánek / 28 min / (Hepnarová)

Chomutov Phantom / 28 min / (Mrázek)

Dear Leonid Ilyich / 26 min / - a documentary about the letter of invitation, which helped to obtain an alibi for the occupation in August 1968, about his signatories, who were never tried for treason / 2008 /

The Tap Tap / 26 min / - a hilarious film about the sad fates of severely physically handicapped musicians / 2010 /

The Man Who Tame the Water / 26 min / - about a forgotten inventor who has not given up to this day / 2011 /

When Dad is Behind Bars / 26 min / - a film about the issue of children whose parents have been imprisoned, the film was made in collaboration with the Helsinki Committee / 2011 /


Co-production films with Czech Television:

Egyptians / 57 min / - a documentary about today's Egyptians living in the shadow of the pyramids / 2003

Romans for humny! / 57 min / - historical documentary filmed in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary about the Romans and Germans in Central Europe / 2003

Cuba incognito / 57 min / - award-winning travel documentary about the current situation on the "island of freedom " / 2005

I was at Lenin's funeral / 57 min / - a unique story of a century-old man / 2006

The Hunt for St. Maurus / 57 min / - a detective story of finding the reliquary of St. Maura at Bečov Castle in 1985, half-length documentary, supported by a grant from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic / 2006

Cymru am Byth - Long Live Wales / 58 min / - award-winning travel documentary about the country where the national revival is still taking place. / 2008 /.

In the eyes of death / 57 min / - a gloomy world of road pirates and their victims. / 2010

The World According to the Pernštejns / 57 min / - a narrative documentary about the fate of one of the most important aristocratic families of our past, who co-created the fate of this country / 2012

The mystery of Code XIV A 13/52 min / - the story of the creation of the most valuable book in the Czech Republic, the Vyšehrad Code, including unique shots of the original first shot after 60 years;


Independent producers

Skimania or Report on Liberec 2009/58 min, 2009 / Turbulent year with Kateřina Neumannová and her team during the preparation of the World Championships in classic skiing Liberec 2009.

Doctoral Odyssey / 58 min, 2013 / Ten years ago, a group of Brno cardiologists and neurologists decided to break into the world with an ambitious project of the International Research Center. 

... and man created a robot / 67 min, 2017 / a time-consuming documentary about how difficult it is to implement a new idea in the Czech Republic that breaks established stereotypes. A group of excellent scientists at the Czech Technical University in Prague led by prof. Vladimír Mařík decided to establish a new Institute of Robotics, Informatics and Cybernetics. And things started to happen ...


Corporate movies. Realization as a screenwriter and director for companies and institutions such as the  Ministry of Culture of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Prague-Moravian Luxembourg: film about the exhibition in Prague and Luxembourg,  Zakládání staveb, as: corporate film about building foundation technologies, corporate film about two pillars of Charles Bridge. Brno University of Technology: a documentary about the history of the school. National Monuments Office, The Pernštejns and Their Time (2012) - a film for the exhibition of the same name, which took place at Prague Castle. National Library of the Czech Republic Vyšehrad Codex for Schools (2014), the story of the creation of the most valuable manuscript in the Czech Republic